Stammis at ICA

Stammis is a Swedish term for a regular customer and it’s also the name of ICA’s loyalty scheme. Every customer who registers for Stammis is known as a Stammis member.As a member, you get Stammis prices, personalised offers and the opportunity to earn bonuses. This is our way of rewarding our customers.

Become a Stammis member here

How Stammis works

As a Stammis member at ICA you collect points on everything you buy* from us, which can then be converted into bonuses. If you’re a member or customer of Apotek Hjärtat, ICA Försäkring or ICA Banken, you can also collect Stammis points or bonuses there.

How are Stammis points calculated?

Spend one krona to collect one Stammis point.* Points are collected during the month and we add up the points at the end of each month. If your points reach a bonus level, we’ll convert the points into a bonus. The points are valid for one month and then the count for the next month starts at zero.

Bonus levels for Stammis members at ICA
2,000 – 3,999 Stammis points give a SEK 25 bonus
4,000 – 5,999 Stammis points give a SEK 50 bonus
6,000 – 7,999 Stammis points give a SEK 75 bonus
8,000 or more Stammis points give a SEK 150 bonus

If you collect 1,000 – 1,999 Stammis points two months in a row, you’ll receive a bonus of SEK 20 every other month.

Stammis prices and offers
As a Stammis member, you always get special prices on selected items in store. We call these Stammis prices. And you also receive personalised offers based on what you buy and what we think you like. Don’t forget to show that you’re a Stammis member at the checkout so that you don’t miss out on any points or offers

Link your card
You can link any bank card to your Stammis account. This way you collect Stammis points on everything you buy. Should you also choose to get one of ICA’s payment cards, you’ll collect an extra 20 points every time you use your card.**

Where you can find your Stammis offers 

  • The ICA app
  • The store websites
  • In letters and emails from your store

How we process your personal data
It’s important to us at ICA that you have confidence in how we process your personal data. This is why we’re open about how we collect, process and share the information about you that we save internally. We will never sell your personal data to other companies. For the full terms and conditions (in Swedish), read more here:

Become a Stammis member here 

Become a Stammis member using your mobile BankID or a one-time passcode from your store. 

* Stammis points are not awarded at ICA for prescription medicines or products where ICA is the intermediary, e.g. products from Systembolaget, Apoteket AB or mail order companies.Neither are points awarded for gift cards, tobacco products, lottery tickets, gambling or betting, or tickets or when paying for services, such as film rentals. Credits, discounts, discount vouchers, credit notes, receipts for returned glass bottles etc. do not qualify for points either. At Apotek Hjärtat, Stammis points are not awarded for prescription products.

** 20 extra Stammis points are not awarded at ICA when the receipt is solely for products that do not qualify for points. Therefore, if you have bought only prescription products, you will not collect 20 extra Stammis points when you pay with an ICA card. 20 extra points do not apply in Apotek Hjärtat’s digital channels.