Welcome to ICA

At ICA you will find everything you need, every day. 

ICA stores in Sweden sell food and other grocery items. Many stores also include a pharmacy, a post office and banking services. ICA even has its own bank – ICA-banken. 

Throughout the whole of Sweden, there are 1,300 ICA stores. These can vary in size, stock different products and sell them at different prices. In smaller towns, the ICA store often functions as a meeting place for the community, with a café and kiosk where people meet and talk with each other.

Speak to your ICA-handlare if there’s anything you can’t find 

The ICA-handlaren is the person who owns the store. This is usually a person who is liked by the customers and who also performs good work for the local community. Some ICA-handlare, for example, provide support for local sports clubs and promote activities for young people in the area. Several ICA stores stock a lot of products from different parts of the world. Talk to your ICA-handlare if you have any questions about something that is sold, or about anything else to do with the store. You can also speak to your ICA-handlare if there is anything you can’t find; it could, perhaps, be possible for the store to get hold of the product and begin to sell it.